7-Axis Cobots

Our company, based in Barcelona, is an excellent location to develop automation solutions. Are you looking for a colaborative solution that need a 7-axis cobot? We are glad to be the Official Kassow Robots Distributors in Spain, a robot that stands out not only for its flexibility, but also for its strength, speed and simplicity.



Unique efficiency for industrial production



Kassow Robots was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014 with the mission of developing unique and efficient 7-axis lightweight robots for industrial applications. The company’s motto is “strong, fast, simple” Its products offer speed and power, yet also have a long reach. The robots user-friendliness provides businesses with greater flexibility, allowing SMEs without their own robotics specialists to achieve complex automation and programming cost-effectively and independently
What is more, the cobots are compact enough for use in confined spaces.

Kassow Robots with an experienced founder team entered the market at Automatica fair in Munich in June 2018. Two highly experienced robotics experts – Kristian Kassow as CEO and Dieter Pletscher as Head of Sales – are driving the company’s development.

Main site: Kassow Robots